The jungle man is the mowgli man…


When the father wolf had bing the little baby mowgli to his home. He was very happy at that time. But the tiger in the jungle who is known by the name shere khan had created the panics for them and he persues that small little cute baby that he is not pemitted by that bengal tiger to live in his jungle.


As the tiger is known as the king of the jungle. The tiger have the full powers of the jungle in his hands. He handles the complete jungle and manages all of the rules and regulations in the jungle. Also the tiger in the jungle has the more power as compared to the other animals in the jungle.That is why he is named as the king of the jungle and rules over the complete jungle. The tiger has taken the complete rule over the jungle.

The panics created by the tiger for the mowgli :-

He irritates the mowgli a lot in the jungle. he had made many type of obstacles in the life of the little sweet boy mowgli. He did not like that the little boy mowgli could live in the jungle. As he knew that the man is ever more intelligent than the animals so one hay the little boy mowgli will definately defeat the tiger. He knew this very well that one day with the help of his mind the little boy mowgli will take over the tiger and the little boy mowgli will take off the place of the tiger.

The jungle book
The jungle book

The little boy mowgli will become the king of the jungle after defeating the tiger shere khan some day. The little boy mowgli was now raised up under the observations of the mother wolf as well as under the observation of the father wolf. Both of the wolves the mother and the father wolf had take care of the mowgli. They had given there best part of the knowledge to the little boy mowgli as they raised him up just like that the little boy mowgli is there own child.

j9When the father wolf had bring the little boy to his home the mother wolf named the child mowgli at that time. The word or we can say the name mowgli means the frog. The mother wolf had took care of him like the other cubs of her just like her other babies she cares of the little boy mowgli and raised the little boy mowgli up.

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