The jungle book is one of the sweet and cute story as compared to other stories. This story is directed by the director named JON FAVREAU. And the story is written by the writers justin marks and the rudyard kipling. So many animals are shown in the movie. The movie is produced by the JON FAVREAU and BRIGHAM TAYLOR.

The music in the movie is played by JOHN DEBNEY. Basically the movie is produced by the WALT DISNEY PICTURES fairview entertainment production company. It is basically based on one of the timeless stories of the rudyard kipling.And the movie is inspired by the walt disney pictures. this story of jungle is too much intresting and suspenseful.Every moment in the story is just dashing. So many of the scenes are scaring and many of the scenes are comedious inthis movie.

j8Raising of the orphan boy by the animals in the jungle:- Now the actual story begins.The story is full of the adventure and full of the comedy scenes. There is a boy in the story who is the main character of the story and the cutiest character of the story. The actual name of the boy is NEEL SETHI but in the movie he is named as MOWGLI. Mowgli is the human being who is raised by the family named as the family of the wolves. The name of the personalities of the family of the wolves are ” RAKSHA ” and ” AKELA “. Thehuman boy Mowgli was so small when he had entered into the environment of the jungle. He was just a little baby

when he comes in the hands of that family of the wolves. Excluding the bengal tigernamed as ” SHERE KHAN ” eachand everyone had helped the boy to be raised, the family of the wolves, the bear and the black panther all of them had supported the little boy Mowgli. The director of the story Jon Favreau had directed the movie in such a way that every
scene of the movie had became so mysterious. After seeing any scene of the movie the viewer will become so much excited to know that now what will happens to the next. The animals had perfomed very well in the movie. Just only because of the fearsome tiger or we can say the bengal tiger only due to him the Mowgli’s mind had forced to be thought that the place jungle is no comfortable for him. The panics that were given to the Mowgli by the bengal tiger” SHERE KHAN ” had just crossed all the limits so that he was thinking to leave the jungle.

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