The Jungle Book 2016 Full Movie

The jungle book is one of the amazing movie in all.  In this movie there are a lot of facts that we are able to aware of them.The movie brings out an antique craze among all of the people. This movie is typically based on the usual environment of the jungle.There are a lot of scenes in the movie that very comedious, some of them are too frightening also. It brings up themessage of the behaviour of the animals with the human beings. The movie shows the pleasent behaviourof the animals with human beings. The director of the movie is JON FAVREAU. And the story of the movie is written by the


great writers named RUDYARD  KIPLING and and the screenplay is written also by a great writer named JUSTIN MARKS.Both the writers had made a huge efforts to make this unique type of the story. They had shown the interaction of humanbeings towards the animals. Many other actors and actresses had worked upon this movie. Each and everyone had there


different and special characters of  there own. Everyone had worked very hard to lead this movie to its great success. Manytypes of difficult and different roles are played  in this movie. everyone had played there best overall. there are a lot ofsuspenses in the movie. Almost all of the animals are described in this movie. The behaviour of each and every animal is


shown in the movie. The animals like the black panther, the bear, the bengal tiger, the python, the bat, the wolves , the hathi ie. the elephant etc. and many of the other animals are shown in this movie. The jungle book is the best movie for the children andalso for the starting teenagers. The lot of general knowledge about the animals and there behaviour is shown in the movie.After watching the movie many of the children will have the great knowledge of the animals as well as they will get a lot of fun


too. The animals that are used in this movie are given a particular names like the black panther is named as bagheera, the bearis named as the babloo, the boy which is used in the movie is named as the mowgli, the bengal tiger is named as shere khan, thepython is named as the kaa, and the bat is named as the mang. Finally the movie is so comedious and intresting..